Teacher Job Fair

 Teacher Job Fair has been cancelled in support of minimizing the spread of COVID-19.


Love, Honor, and Success — it’s the Miami way of doing things. This will not change, even though our method of delivery now needs to be flexible. The Teacher Job Fair scheduled for Tuesday, April 7 is cancelled in its live version. We are working now to create a virtual event, which will be compatible with the restrictions that are in place as a result of COVID-19. We hope to know more after Spring Break. Stay tuned for more information!

In the meantime, here are some steps to take to keep your job search going:

  1. Search and apply for jobs posted in Handshake, Applitrack and the specific school districts’ websites. 
  2. Use the AAEE Teacher Job Search Handbook (passed out at all Teacher workshops, and also located in McGuffey and the Career Center) to prepare.
  3. Reach out to your connections from your Student Teaching experience - Principals, Supervising/Host Teacher, etc… 
  4. Use VMOCK for resume feedback, if you haven’t already gotten feedback. 

I know you all have been planning for this for a long time. 

  • You are still ready to start your career. 
  • You still have a lot of opportunities to get that first full time position and we will continue to support you in all of your efforts. 
  • The Career Center is still open, and we are still doing advising appointments

You’ve got this! 

Katie Bowling