Entrepreneurship Live Learning Community

 Dr. Jim Friedman working with students at Cintrifuse
Student writing on sticky note on classroom wall
 Students listening to Dr. Tim Holcomb lecture
 Sticky notes covering David Eyman's office walls
 Executive talking to participants and other executives at Startup Pitch Competition

The department of entrepreneurship offers a first and second-year Live Learning Community (LLC) on-campus for students interested in learning about Entrepreneurship to get special access and first-hand experiences to what the Institute has to offer. This community is open to all students from all backgrounds, passions and majors.

The Institute knows that Entrepreneurship goes far beyond just creating businesses. The Entrepreneurial Mindset allows all people to become leaders, collaborators and goal-reachers. From speakers to events to workshops, being a part of the LLC means you will have access to the resources, coaching, classes and support network to make an impact in college that lasts a lifetime, not just 4 years.

If you are interested in learning more about the Entrepreneurship LLC, please reach out to Tara Hoppe at hoppetl@miamioh.edu.