Students listen to lecture in Gary Oliphant's class
Students make Strategy Works final presentation before HARMAN executives
 Students surround Jan Taylor after their first round in the West Monroe Partners case competition
 Some of the products created by Helen Koons' students on a bookshelf in her office
 Student points to next slide in presentation at West Monroe Partners case competition

Welcome to the Marketing Department! We engage students by changing the way they learn. We leverage curiosity and creativity by allowing students to take more control of their own learning. This is accomplished through extensive case analyses, creativity requirements, project-based courses, competitions, marketing simulations, inverted classrooms, innovative information delivery systems and experiential learning.

Our commitment to student engagement and learning, focus on preparation for the real world of business, and excellent instruction helps make our department one of the best. As a result, the business world has recognized the quality of our graduates by making us a focal point for recruiting efforts…and the success of our graduates in the workplace has resulted in an ever-expanding list of companies who actively recruit our graduating seniors.

Meet the Chair

Michael McCarthy, interim chair

Zhiyong Yang

Professor and Chair