Business leader talks to students at CBL Leadership Day
Students make presentation at CBL case competition
Beyond Ready to Lead:The Isaac & Oxley Center for Business LeadershipCBL Vision:To create generations of authentic leaders focused on producing lastingvalue for the global business community.Intensive Leadership Labs Values-Based Initiatives Professional Interaction CBL Fellows engage inmeaningful conversations andhands-on cases with businessprofessionals regarding practical,ethical business leadershipchallengesCBL Fellows lead andcollaborate on interdisciplinary,experiential projects designedto add value to the FSB and theMiami University communityCBL Fellows engage in individual,team, and executive-levelleadership training anddevelopment T h e   C B L   S t u d e n t   F e l l o w   E x p e r i e n c e

The CBL Experience:

Michael Oxley’s CBL Dedication Conversation

Michael Oxley filmed this dedication for the center several weeks before his passing on January 1, 2016.