Courses and Requirements

Students participating in this program will take BUS 340 (1 credit hour)   


Business majors given priority; a minimum 2.7 GPA by January 2019, 58 earned hours by May 2019, and two interviews. Rising seniors, business honors students and students with a GPA over 3.0 given priority. Students must also meet the FSB Study Abroad Eligibility Policy Standards (see policy) and be at least 18 by the program departure date. 20 students will be enrolled in this workshop. 

Second Semester Expectations: 

During second semester, there will be pre-departure meetings that require mandatory attendance. These meetings will address background learning and travel tips. 

Courses Offered:

BUS 340:  Professional Practice    (1 credit hour)

Students participating in an internship program register for this course during the semester they are on work assignment. 

taught by Nicole Collins