Sponsorship and Advertising

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) at Miami University, founded in 1997, is a non-credit, nonprofit, self-supporting program for senior learners, age 50+. ILR offers non-credit, college-level educational experiences. Classes—offered in two semesters each year—are taught by ILR members, retired and active faculty, and outside experts. The purpose of these classes is to expand knowledge and explore ideas in an informal, flexible and non-competitive environment. There are no prerequisites, no exams, and no grades—only the opportunity to learn with contemporaries. But perhaps best of all, the life experience of all members elevates the intellectual discourse.

Our Mission Statement reads: The Institute for Learning in Retirement at Miami University promotes opportunities for individuals 50 and older to enrich their lives as they explore areas within science, the arts, society, technology, literature, languages, business, economics, and other subjects of interest. In addition, opportunities are presented to become acquainted with community needs and to link individual talents and interests to those needs.

ILR is a member-driven organization. A 12-member Board of Directors oversees the program. All members of the board and its committees, as well as instructors, speakers, and presenters are volunteers. There currently is only one full-time Miami staff member, Judy Macke, ILR’s Program Manager.

ILR is self-supporting and non-profit. While we receive office space, classroom space, equipment, and access to departmental support (accounting, registration, etc.)  from Miami University, we do not receive financial support. We are responsible for all program expenses, overhead, and the salary and benefits of ILR’s Program Manager.

Those registering for ILR courses each semester are considered ILR members. Semester membership is currently $115 and entitles those registering to attend as many classes as they wish. All monies collected through membership are used to cover ILR expenses.

Most of the program’s yearly expenses are covered by registration fees, but about 10-15% of costs are supplied by gifts from the participants or from ad space in each semester’s catalog which reaches over 3,500 individuals a year via direct mail, and many hundreds—if not more—online via our website, email newsletters, and social networking.

This solicitation is to ask for your participation in one of several ways:

  • ILR Semester Sponsor; $3,000
    The sponsor’s full-color logo and sponsor designation will appear on all print and web materials for the sponsored term, including the ILR Course Catalog, the ILR website, and all eNewsletters. The sponsor may also choose to provide a full-, half- or quarter-page ad at the cost listed below at a 10% discount.
  • One full-page ad: 7 ½” W x 10” L (B&W) in the ILR Course Catalog; $1,700
  • One half-page ad: 7 ½” W x 4 ¾” L (B&W) in the ILR Course Catalog; $850
  • One quarter-page ad: 3 ½” W x 4 ¾” L (B&W) in ILR Course Catalog; $425
If you have any questions about how your sponsorship is advertised or your ad will be displayed, Judy Macke can answer those questions as well as provide past examples. She will handle coordination of the development/placement of the ads as well as the promotion of the ILR sponsor to maximize the benefits of your participation.