ILR teacher showing the students a wine glass
ILR teacher showing students a plant outside
ILR students learning from teacher in the classroom

“Once again the ILR program exceeded my wishes for good learning at this stage of my life.”
~ Phil Cass, Spring 2022

“Lifelong learning classes often lead to meeting new lifelong friends, wherever the journey takes you!”
~ Shelly Abrams, Spring 2022

“ILR has evolved into an outstanding program and an excellent option for seniors.”
~ Curt Ellison, Spring 2022

“What a wonderful array of interesting topics.  It is always difficult to choose only those one has the time to attend!”
~ Ken Grabach, Spring 2022

“It's a real pleasure and true blessing to be able to participate with ILR! Here's to the next 25 years!”
~ Robin Seaver, Spring 2022

“Absolutely fabulous experience! As a former teacher and lifelong learner, I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. I feel that the information was so beneficial that I will continue to grow in my thoughts and even make decisions from what I learned.”
~ Pamela Hudson, Fall 2021

“This is a wonderful program and a great enhancement to ongoing education for retired people.”
~ Don Kasle, Fall 2021

“The entire experience went smoothly - from reception of catalog to online registration. I added a class after initial registration and that too was handled smoothly.”
~ Eleanor Wagner, Fall 2021

“ILR is a life-enriching resource.”
~ Sante Matteo, Fall 2021

“Thank you so much for providing such good brain food. Keep it coming!”
~ Charley McKinley, Fall 2021