Where in the World is Miami: Munich, Germany

Where in the world is Miami Wednesday?

184th Annual Oktoberfest
184th Annual Oktoberfest

Where in the world is Miami Wednesday?

By Megan Schulte, Miami University student study abroad ambassador

MUDEC studentsIn this week’s edition of Where in the World is Miami Wednesday, we will be traveling to Munich, Germany to recap the adventures of MUDEC students that visited the 184th annual Oktoberfest.

This festival is known as “the world’s biggest fair” and has been going strong for almost two centuries. Although copycats of this festival occur every year throughout the United States, this fair is the one that started it all back in 1833. This extravaganza celebrates Munich’s Bavarian roots through German food and drink as well as the fair attendants parading around in traditional lederhosen.

Many of the students that traveled to Munich for this event said it has been their favorite travel weekend of the semester so far. The event offers an opportunity that is quite different from the typical itinerary of sightseeing that the students complete on weekend trips.

MUDEC studentWhen talking about the experience, Junior Darby Galligher says, “It was amazing! We were there for the first day so there was a lot of energy. For anyone going to Munich during September I would highly recommend it! There’s something for everyone to do.”

The photos in this article showcase all the fun memories created by the students at the fair! Photos were submitted by Juniors Darby Galligher and Katie Clem. Both attended the fair and hope to one day go back.

That’s all for the week’s feature on MUDEC in Munich. Please continue to follow us on our journey around the world as each Wednesday we will feature a new adventure of RedHawks abroad.

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