Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Germany

Miami students in front of a cathedral in Cologne, Germany.
Miami students in front of a cathedral in Cologne, Germany. Photo: Photos provided by Patrick Schuler, Mackenzie Tussey, and Connor McFarland

By Megan Schulte, student study abroad ambassador

This past weekend marked the season of Carnival in Europe, a holiday that is one of the largest in Europe, and celebrates the approaching season of Lent. Cities around the world, and especially throughout Europe, celebrate this occasion by throwing large parties, parades, and celebrations in the city. The German city of Cologne is known for having one of the largest celebrations in Europe, with over 1 million annual Carnival visitors. The city puts on a street party that includes parades, stage shows, and involves fellow masqueraders greeting each other way “Cologne Alive!” throughout the weekend.

Celebration in streets in Cologne, GermanySome of the students studying at Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) got the opportunity to travel to Cologne and witness this spectacle for themselves! “The Carnival experience was one to remember. It was very fun to see people of all ages and backgrounds dressed up in costumes throughout the city,” said junior Connor McFarland. The travelers got the opportunity to dress up in costumes themselves and share photos of their new looks with their friends and family back home.

Attending unique cultural events like Carnival is just one of the many perks of spending a semester at MUDEC. The campus’s proximity to so many destinations in Europe allows students to be just a plane or train ride away from eye-opening cultural experiences.