'Future-Proof' Your Skills With a Global Internship

To prepare for the jobs of the future, employment experts often advise students to cultivate flexibility, develop problem-solving skills, and learn to collaborate across cultures. Check out these innovative programs that offer students domestic, international, and virtual internships that position them for success.

Digital Innovation Programs

Since 2010, the Emerging Technology in Business + Design Digital Innovation Centers have offered immersive professional development experiences for talented students who want to study at the intersections of emerging technology, business and design. Currently offered in Cincinnati, Luxembourg, and San Francisco, the semester-long Digital Innovation programs offer students a real-world experience while they earn class credit.

According to Erin Brandyberry, Digital Innovation Program Manager, all qualified Miami students can benefit from this competitive program, not just those with a technology or media background. "We particularly encourage applications from students majoring in business, the humanities, and the arts," she said.

Digital Innovation students spend four days a week at an internship, and one day a week visiting local startups and companies. They network with alumni and business leaders in their respective city, and also complete a unique client-focused senior capstone project. 

Offered since 2010, the popular San Francisco (SFDI) program allows students to also earn Global Perspectives credit as they work and network in the heart of digital innovation. Company visits include global giants like Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and AirBnB.

Cincinnati (CDI) students benefit from proximity to Oxford while connecting with the organizations that contribute to the city's entrepreneurial success. Cincinnati is home to both innovative startups and multinational companies. And because of increased outreach to Miami alumni who founded or work with local startups, the program builds exciting new partnerships every year.

CDI alum Brett Schaaf said, "I have not only grown professionally, but I have had deep personal growth throughout this process. I have learned more about myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and my preferences and dislikes. I’m excited for what’s next and the way that the Digital Innovation Program has prepared me for whatever life decides to throw at me."

Luxembourg (LDI) is the newest Digital Innovation program, launched in Spring 2020. Luxembourg is a perfect location to learn about tech innovation: a positive start-up environment, high level of technology adoption, and robust business and government investment. Enrollment in the inaugural program exceeded expectations, with 15 students participating. 

And students need not limit themselves to just one location. After senior Alex Borowitz completed the San Francisco program in the fall, he decided to continue building his skills in Luxembourg. "Over the last year, I worked two separate internships in my field where I got a chance to practice my craft. I adjusted to life in a new city, a new state, and a new country. I started building my professional network and gained the confidence and skills to continue its growth," he said.

Although the coronavirus ended the inaugural Luxembourg semester prematurely, some employers were able to convert their internships to virtual modes. For example, Interactive Media Studies major Kati Buchheit's marketing internship at Refinitiv, located in Luxembourg City, included event planning—although these events were now canceled. Back in the USA, she didn't miss a beat. “I had the opportunity to take ownership of many new digital projects and initiatives as we attempted to translate our in-person events to virtual experiences,” she said.  (Read more about Kati's experiences on the Miami University Alumni Association blog.)

Brandyberry says, "These students are all ahead of their peers after participating, and keeping in contact with coworkers and new connections in Cincinnati, Luxembourg, or San Francisco can mean a leg up for a full-time job."

About Digital Innovation

Spring 2021 Application Deadline: August 15, 2020

Web: Digital Innovation Centers

Questions: Contact Erin Brandyberry

San Francisco Students Tour Salesforce Park

Miami University John Dolibois European Center (MUDEC)

MUDEC students are encouraged to go “beyond the Château walls” during or after their semester to pursue an internship in a local organization or company. Students typically work for a half day to one day per week for credit during the semester.

Coordinator of Communications & Student Engagement Andy Adams points to recent placements that range from large international companies to a one-on-one internship with an independent management consultant. "Students can complete in-semester internships during the MUDEC program for up to 4 credits. We also offer Summer internships from mid-May until July 31," he said.

During Spring 2020, MUDEC junior Julie Eagle worked as a Digital Marketing intern at MANZOKU Japanese Soul Food located in Howald, Luxembourg. She monitored their social media and provided insights into possible ad campaigns. "While in Luxembourg, I learned about Japanese culture from British business owners as an American intern. I truly gained a global perspective from this opportunity," she said. Like Buchheit, she was able to continue her internship remotely when she returned to the United States. (Read more of Julie's story)

Although Summer 2020 did not work out as planned, Adams says it's not too early to think about applying for Spring 2021 and/or considering the Summer Internship Program. "Once a spring semester student accepts an offer from one of MUDEC’s Community Partners, they are also free to discuss the possibility of immediately starting the internship (part-time) through an Independent Study, potentially providing the student with over six continuous months of experience in a professional setting," he said.

Virtual Internships

Virtual internships were popular even before the coronavirus. MUDEC alumnus Elijah Pittman completed an entire internship remotely at The Outdoor Journal during his time at MUDEC, and continued to work with the team after he returned to Oxford. "The nature of journalism, and the general working day-to-day of the world as well, is trending towards this sort of remote environment. Twice a week we had online calls to check-in and assign tasks, but this could be achieved anywhere along with further travel that served as even more inspiration in writing and creating," he said.

While the future of interning abroad may feel uncertain right now, one thing that students can count on is the value a global internship brings to their career prospects. Advisors are offering virtual sessions all summer; take the next step in building your career now!


Spring 2021 Application Deadline: October 1, 2020

Web: Miami University John E. Dolibois European Center

Questions: Contact MUDEC Coordinator Kerry Strader

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