Prospective Students

If I want to take graduate level classes, do I have to apply, or can I just register?
Interested students must apply and be admitted to a graduate degree program or as graduate non-degree student.

I am a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, how do I apply to the Graduate School?
Go to, click on Graduate admissions – domestic application.  Complete the online application, pay the fee, and submit it.

What is the fee for applying?
The fee for graduate non-degree is $20, and is $50 for a graduate degree program. Please note: the application fee is non-refundable.

What items does the Graduate School require from me when I apply for a graduate degree program?
Required items are as follows: application and application fee (electronically online, or check or money order sent with paper application); a pdf of your official or unofficial  transcripts (mark sheets & degree certificates if from an international institution) from the bachelor degree-granting school, and all schools attended after completing the bachelors; and a copy of the green card (if applicable). All other items required by the department should be uploaded when completing the application or sent directly to the department. If you are admitted, you must have an official copy of your transcript for your bachelors degree sent to the Graduate School in order to register for classes.

I am a current Miami University student.  How do I get a PDF of my unofficial transcript to upload in my application? 
Log into BannerWeb and go to your "Student Academic Transcript."  Right click on the screen and click on "Select All."  Copy (control -C). Open a new Word document and paste (control-V) the text into the Word document.  Select "Save As."  Name the document using your name, and in the "Save Type" box, select PDF (*.pdf).  This will save the documents as a PDF.  Upload this file into your Graduate School application.

What items does the Graduate School require from me if I am applying for a graduate non-degree?
We need the application, application fee (electronically online, or check or money order sent with paper application), and a copy of the green card (if applicable). The copy of the green card may be faxed (513) 529-3762, Attn: Mary.

I am taking a workshop and filled out the workshop form; will I be considered a graduate non-degree student, or do I still have to fill out the graduate non-degree application?
You can be considered a graduate non-degree student when applying for a workshop only if, when filling out the workshop form, you mark the box that states: I am enclosing $20 extra. Please use this form as my application for graduate non-degree (CGS) admission.

I have applied for my Resident Alien Card (green card), but haven't received it yet. Should I complete the international application or the domestic application?
As long as you have applied for Permanent Resident Status, you should complete the domestic application. You will also need to provide a copy of your green card if you have one, or a copy of the application showing you have applied for it. Send to: Miami University Graduate School, Room 102 Roudebush, Oxford, OH 45056, Attn: Mary.

I have Miami transcripts, do I still need to send them to the Graduate School?
Yes, you can upload a PDF of your transcript when you complete the Graduate School application. 

While filling out the application I have entered incorrect information and can't change it, what should I do?
You will need to contact Collegenet at and they will fix the incorrect information.

I made a mistake on my submitted application. Can I go back in and change it?
No. Once you have submitted the application, it cannot be changed. You need to email Mary York, and explain what is incorrect and what it needs to be changed to. Mary will make the corrections on your application.

I want to apply for more than one graduate degree program, do I have to fill out two applications and pay $50 for each one?
Yes, you have to fill out an application for each degree program and pay the $50 application fee for each program. 

I am applying for Graduate Non-Degree (CGS) and later decided to apply to a Graduate Degree Program, do I have to pay both the $20 and then the $50 fee, or can I just pay the difference for the degree application?
You must pay the $20 and the $50 fee. The exception to this is if you have been awarded a masters degree from Miami University, then want to apply for graduate non-degree (CGS). When completing the application, you would mark fee waiver #3 (earned masters-now applying CGS).

I am filling out a second application, and am unable to choose the same term as my first application. What do I need to do?
Since only one application can be entered in a term, you will need to pick a different term, so you can submit the application. Once it has been submitted, contact Mary York, and let her know what term you put on your application and then what term you need it changed to.

What is the status of my application, have you processed my application or have you received my transcripts?
To find out if your application has been received and/or processed, or to find out if your transcripts have been received, email Mary York, When your application is processed, you will receive an email if anything is missing (transcripts, copy of green card, information omitted from application, etc). If everything is complete, it will be processed and forwarded to the department you applied to.

Is there anything special I have to do to apply for the Combined Bachelor/Masters program?
Beginning with the 2011 applications, there will be a check box on the application to mark if you plan to apply for the combined bachelor/masters program. For additional information on the combined Bachelors/Masters program, contact the department/program in which you wish to pursue a degree.

When will the domestic applications for the 2013-2014 school year be available?
The applications will be available September1, 2012.

How can I be considered for a graduate assistantship or other financial assistance from Miami University?  Are additional application forms required for this?
The Graduate School does not require that students submit forms in addition to the application for admission in order to be considered for financial assistance. However, some departments may require additional information and documentation for assistantship consideration. Therefore, check with your program of interest to determine what documents must be submitted in order to be considered for a graduate assistantship.  More detailed information about current costs and financial assistance is available in the Admissions section under "Fees and Financial Aid."

How will I know if I am admitted or not?
Once the department sends the Graduate School their decision, a letter will be mailed to you letting you know if you have been admitted or denied. There will also be a Registration Information Sheet, and for fall admissions, an "I DO/DO NOT plan to attend" card that needs to be returned.

I am applying for the TEAM Scholarship, and need my Banner number, how do I get it?
Once you have been admitted into the Graduate School either as a degree or non-degree graduate student, you will be sent a letter and your Banner ID# will be on the admission letter.

Are there any application fee waivers when applying?
If you are eligible, there are three fee waivers available. Fee waiver #1: - You have earned a graduate degree (masters or higher) from Miami University and previously paid the application fee. Fee Waiver #2 - If you have earned a graduate degree (masters or higher) from Miami University and are applying to take classes as a non-degree student. Fee Waiver #3 - If you are a McNair Scholar (you must send documented verification) and are applying to a graduate degree program at Miami University.

I was admitted but I would like to defer until next year. What should I do?
If you were admitted into a graduate degree program and would like to defer your admission, you will need to contact the department. If they approve your deferral, they will need to email Mary York to confirm your deferral.

I have been admitted for fall term, but I would like to take a class in summer. What do I need to do?
You will need to contact your department.  If they approve you starting in the term prior to admission, they need to notify Mary York, to early enroll you.

How long does it take to find out if I am admitted or not?
There is no set time limit. It depends on when you apply and submit your required documents to the Graduate School. Factors include: when it is processed and sent to the department; when they receive all required items from you (test scores, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, essay, etc.); when their committee meets and makes the decisions, and when they return the decisions to the Graduate School.

I have been admitted for fall, when will I receive my orientation packet?
The orientation packets are emailed to new students in July, as long as you have returned the "I DO plan to attend" card. There is a Graduate Orientation held the Monday before classes start for all new graduate students between 4-6 p.m. Location will be noted in your packet.

How many graduate credit hours taken as a graduate non-degree student can be transferred into my degree program?
Up to 8 graduate credit hours taken as graduate non-degree (CGS) can be transferred into a graduate degree program.

I am thinking about applying to Miami's Graduate School but I'm not sure what program I want.  What can I do?
To see all the different graduate programs Miami offers, go to, click on Graduate Studies, then select Programs and Degrees.  Contact the department/program you are interested in for additional information.