Newly Admitted Students

I have just been admitted to Miami University.  What should I do next?
If you have been notified of your admission but have not yet received your official admission packet, you should be receiving this packet soon.  This packet will contain your official admission letter from the Graduate School, your visa document (I-20 or DS-2019, if applicable) as well as additional helpful information about your next steps and coming to campus.  Included in this will be more information about the steps you will need to follow in order to secure your visa, housing recommendations and expected arrival dates.  Please review this carefully.  These three items (securing your visa, obtaining your housing, and planning your arrival at Miami) should be your first priorities.  Please note that before making any arrangements to come to campus, you should confirm your expected date of arrival with your academic program since some programs provide an orientation that requires an earlier arrival.  More detailed pre-arrival information covering a wide variety of topics will be sent to you in a series of emails from our Office of International Education.  The content of these emails can also be viewed on-line at:  Further questions or concerns about these topics can be sent either to the Office of International Education (email: or to the Graduate School (email:

My admission letter states that I will receive my "final" admission letter upon submission of additional documents.  What if I am unable to submit these documents to you immediately because they are not yet available?
The Graduate School admission letter that you received in your admission packet is sufficient for you to obtain your student visa and come to Miami University to begin your studies.  It is not necessary for you to receive your "final" admission letter before coming to Miami.  While we recommend that you submit any additional items that have been requested of you to us as soon as they are available, we understand that these documents often may not be available until very close to your intended arrival date at Miami.  It is therefore acceptable for you to bring these documents with you and submit them to the Graduate School after your arrival.  You may then receive your "final" admission letter.  It is in fact common for our international students to do this and not receive their "final" admission letter until after they are at Miami.

Do I have to take any English placement tests after arriving at Miami?
Maybe.  New international students who have not earned a Bachelor's or graduate degree from another U.S. university or a university in an approved country where English is a local language are required to take a written English placement test upon their arrival.  The results of this test will determine whether or not you will be placed in the three-credit English 119 (English for International Graduate Students) course during your first semester at Miami.  You will receive an email from the Graduate School shortly before your arrival that will tell you whether or not you will be required to take the English placement test.  In addition, new international graduate students with teaching assistantships are required by state law to have their spoken English abilities assessed before they can be assigned instructional responsibilities.  This is also done upon arrival through a test called the SPEAK test.  You must take this test and obtain a grade of pass or conditional pass before you will be allowed to have any teaching responsibilities at Miami.  Students who either receive a conditional pass or fail on the SPEAK test are assigned to additional spoken English training.  If you have been awarded a graduate assistantship, you should contact your department to determine whether or not you must take the SPEAK test.  New students who do not hold graduate assistantships are not required to take the SPEAK test.

I am a newly admitted international graduate student who has been living in Ohio for some time.  Will I be considered an Ohio resident for tuition purposes?                                   
International students in certain nonimmigrant visa categories are eligible to apply for consideration for Ohio residency for tuition purposes with our Office of the Registrar.  This office is the final authority on Ohio residency for Miami students.  More information about Ohio residency and the residency application can be found on-line at:  Further information can also be obtained by contacting our Residency officer directly at     

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