Students and a teacher sitting in a classroom.

Creating a research-driven culture around writing

At the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, faculty and graduate students strive to be thought leaders who conduct innovative research on the cutting edge of writing, learning, teaching, administration, and assessment. 

All students (graduate and undergraduate) who work at the HCWE will have opportunities to:

  • Conduct empirical research in a mentored environment.
  • Present at local and national conferences.

Research Snapshots

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students working in the Howe Writing Center become part of a research-driven culture and have opportunities and funding to pursue conducting and presenting research projects.

Lauren Miles (left), Phoebe Cheney (center), and August Hegemann (right) recently presented on the ways everyday research shapes consultants' lives and writing center practices. Lauren spoke about strategies she has developed for allying herself with writers' individual experiences and writing identities. Phoebe discussed the specific consulting skills that will transfer well to her professional future. August reported on what he has learned about the different processes writers use for varied purposes and disciplinary expectations.

HWC Consultants Lauren Miles, Phoebe Cheney, and August Hagemann after their 2019 panel at Miami University's Undergraduate Research Forum.


Graduate Research

Graduate students have opportunities and funding to participate in administrative research, like assessment, and can pursue projects in the HCWE related to their own interests.

PhD candidate Caitlin Martin received funding and research support to attend the prestigious Dartmouth College Summer Seminar for Composition Research.

Her research focuses on how to create institutional change through writing-related faculty development programs. 

Martin (center) with History faculty member Wietse de Boer (right) and Dean and University Librarian Jerome U. Conley (left).

Martin (center) with History faculty member Wietse de Boer (right) and Dean and University Librarian Jerome U. Conley (left).