At the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, faculty and graduate students strive to be thought leaders who conduct innovative research on the cutting edge of writing, learning, teaching, administration, and assessment. 

All students (graduate and undergraduate) who work at the HCWE will have opportunities to:

  • Conduct writing and writing center-focused research.
  • Present at local and national conferences.

Research Snapshots

Howe Writing Center Research

Undergraduate and graduate students working at the Howe Writing Center (HWC) become part of a research-driven culture and have opportunities and funding to design, conduct, and present IRB-approved research projects.

This past October, the HWC brought a number of our staff and consultants to the International Writing Center Association (IWCA) Conference and National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW), just up the road in Columbus.

  • HWC Manager Kate Francis, Graduate Assistant Director Brenda Tyrell, and consultants Kyle and Mikel presented on our recent redesign of our written online (asynchronous) consulting platform (see picture below).
  • Graduate student consultant Mitch presented a poster on his ongoing research project into pre and post-session drafts for their indicators of “flow,’ using quantitative text analysis methods.
  • HWC Director Lizzie Hutton and consultant Lauren presented their findings from a study on writing consultants’ reading stances during consultations.
HWC representatives stand in front of their ICWA presentation.

Left to right, HWC Manager Kate Francis, Consultant Kyle, Graduate Assistant Director Brenda, and Consultant Mikel presented on changes to our online appointment form at the 2019 IWCA conference. 


Howe Writing Across the Curriculum Research

Graduate students have opportunities and funding to participate in current HWAC research projects and they can also pursue projects related to their own interests.

PhD candidate Caitlin Martin received funding and research support to attend the prestigious Dartmouth College Summer Seminar for Composition Research.

Her research focuses on how to create institutional change through writing-related faculty development programs. 

Martin (center) with History faculty member Wietse de Boer (right) and Dean and University Librarian Jerome U. Conley (left).

Martin (center) with History faculty member Wietse de Boer (right) and Dean and University Librarian Jerome U. Conley (left).