Teaching Support

Man stands at front of classroom gesturing while giving a lecture.

The Howe Writing Across the Curriculum (HWAC) initiative is committed to helping Miami faculty and graduate teaching assistants grow as teachers of writing in their disciplines. We also want to give instructors a platform to showcase their successes in the classroom. Our professional development opportunities include workshops—both free-standing and in linked series—and reading groups.

HWAC Workshops present principles and best practices on matters of disciplinary writing instruction and other important topics. Often we ask instructors to join us as co-facilitators of these workshops.

We’ve also curated a number of resources you can use to supplement your teaching. Our Disciplinary Writing Guides capture writing conventions across areas of study at Miami. Our Resources for Teaching Writing can help you teach various aspects of writing across in person and remote settings.

Beyond HWAC, our main office, the Howe Center for Writing Excellence (HCWE), manages initiatives you can send your students directly to for help with their writing. The Howe Writing Center (HWC) employs a team of student consultants who provide feedback on writing projects to members of the Miami community. The English Language Learner Writing Center (ELLWC) offers one-on-one consulting to undergraduate and graduate multilingual student writers.