A whole room view of the attendees at the 2018 AccessMU symposium
 Students and Staff participating in an accessible gaming event at the accessmu center
 Student working in the AccessMU lab

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We are working to create a more accessible environment at Miami University because we believe in providing equal access and equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of disability or special needs. If you are facing an accessibility barrier or simply want to share your thoughts on how we can better accommodate the needs of the Miami community, we want to hear from you!

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CARES (Conversion and Remediation Express Services) is a self-service document conversion tool. Miami community members can use the tool to convert pre-existing documents into more accessible formats.  (Miami authentication required)
Visit our Media Captioning page to learn more about captioning your classroom or web materials.  And, while your there, you can find tips and tricks for locating media resources that are already captioned.
Are you looking for tools to make your documents more accessible?  Look no further!  We have the information you need to make Accessible Files. And, as a bonus, we have provided you with 1-page cheatsheets to make this process even easier.