Thematic Sequence Proposals

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Note: Because the 2020 Strategic Plan specifically identifies the Thematic Sequence as a problem area in the Global Miami Plan. Until our new plan is approved, we will no longer be reviewing new Thematic Sequences. Existing TS can be changed and/or updated. 

For Current Thematic Sequences:

  1. If you want to add courses to a pick list, you only need to send a memo to
  2. If you are making changes to a required course, you will need to submit those changes to LEC by first contacting the director, Dr. Shelly Jarrett Bromberg at

Current Thematic Sequences have temporary approval in their categories. To gain full approval, the Thematic Sequence Proposal needs to be filled out and returned to LEC. Upon full approval, you will be advised as to what materials should be collected for the next review. If you would like to request a PDF version of the proposal form contact Dorothy Falke. The PDF version will help for you to know what information is needed to complete the online proposal form.

Notes: The Thematic Sequence is an area that creates some student frustration. As you examine your sequences for approval/re-­approval, we ask that you consider the issue of access. The scheduling of courses late in a sequence may delay graduation for many students interested in your sequence. Additionally, the Miami Plan specifically requires that thematic sequences be outside the department of major. As departmental organization changes, exceptions and petitions in this regard have been received and approved. We would like to regularize this practice and request that you review and justify any sequences you wish to permit majors in your department or unit to elect. In the absence of any such justification it is our intent to not allow such petitions.

For a New Thematic Sequence

The obvious criteria for a thematic sequence is that it is a sequence and that it has a theme. In order for us, and more importantly the students, to fully appreciate the nature of your sequence, we request the following:

  • Each thematic sequence is outlined in the Miami Bulletin. It includes a description of the sequence and the outline of the progression of courses. Please provide the proposed bulletin copy of your proposed sequence.
  • Provide syllabi/course proposals of the courses in the sequence.
  • Provide some indication of course capacities, frequencies of offering and other data to allow us to estimate the numbers of students who might be able to make use of this sequence.