Summer Reading Program

Miami welcomes new students to its engaged community of learners through the Summer Reading Program. In this important tradition, now 34 years old, we underline those activities we value most as a community: critical engagement with ideas; close interaction among faculty, staff, and students; and reading, listening, reflecting, talking, and learning as characteristics of active, responsible citizenship. As students' introduction to the types of dialogues they will engage in here with other learners, the summer reading program asks students to read a book during the summer and to return to campus in August prepared to discuss it with their fellow students and others in breakout sessions that immediately follow the Convocation ceremony.

Participation in the Summer Reading Program is your first assignment as a university student. Your willingness to take the assignment seriously and to participate actively in group discussions in August may have important influences on your subsequent achievements as a Miami student.

The 2015 Summer Reading book is 46 Rules of Genius: An Innovators Guide to Creativity by Marty Neumeier. The reading will focus on the themes of innovation and creativity in honor of the fact that Miami University President David Hodge has designated the academic year,2015-2016, as a "Year of Creativity and Innovation" at Miami.

During Summer Orientation, students may pick up a copy of the book  at the University Bookstore.

46 Days Until Fall Semester Begins. 46 Rules of Genius.

Starting June 19th, we’ll be connecting with our incoming class (and the rest of the Internet) to explore one rule for each of the 46 days approaching Convocation.

Follow us @MiamiUniversity or visit MiamiOHRules each day for a conversation-provoking question, posted at 12:01am EST each day. Reply within 24 hours to our Tweet prompt, using Twitter’s reply. The most engaging of the responses will be shared each day on Miami’s homepage. #MiamiOHRules

Convocation 2015 will be held on Friday, August 21. As is our tradition, discussion groups will convene directly after the ceremony (sometime between 10:00 and 10:30) and run for approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

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