Research & Projects


'Land of Stories'

This project uses Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technology to tell the stories of the Myaamia communities who lived in and around Myaamionki 'Myaamia lands'. The research conducted on this topic is presented on the project's companion webpage.

Learn more about Aacimwahkionkonci here.

Offices Investigating: Software Development, Media and Technology, Education


'Myaamia Ethnobotanical Database'

Mahkihkihwa is the Myaamia term for 'herbal medicine'. This database is a repository of Myaamia plant-based knowledge and lifeways, contributed by community members, outside researchers, and historical archives. Visit the project website to learn more.

Learn more about Mahkihkiwa here.

Offices Investigating: Cultural Ecology, Software Development, Media and Technology, Education

Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA)

The Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA) is a web-based software designed to assemble source materials of endangered languages into a digital archiving space in order to facilitate linguistic analysis and development of language learning materials. Learn more at National Breath of Life's ILDA page.

Learn more about ILDA here.

Offices Investigating: Software Development, Language Research, Media and Technology

Nipwaayoni Certification Program

The goal of the Nipwayoni Certification Program is to produce Myaamia educators who are well versed in their culture, language, and lifeways. Graduates of this program will be able to pass the knowledge they gain on to learners in the Myaamia community.

Offices Investigating:  Education, Language Research