Family and Medical Leave
This policy governs eligibility for and use of family and medical leave.
Miami Tribe Chief Douglas Lankford and Daryl Baldwin on revitalizing lost language
Yes Magazine, May 9 (subscription may be required)
Nursing is a “people profession” and more men are signing up
Twenty years ago, Mark Ball considered going into nursing but ended up changing his mind because of what he perceived as a gender stereotype. Instead, he got a job driving heavy equipment. “I was good at it, it was good money, but I hated it,” said Ball, 42, of Oxford. “There were no people interactions.” With his kids now teenagers, Ball is back in school, pursuing what he always wanted to do — become a nurse.
Miami students explore Tianjin during Summer Intensive Chinese Program
The summer program is geared for students of all levels, offering courses from 100 level up to 400.
GER232 Students Gain Unique Understanding of the Holocaust
When Al Miller stood in front of assistant professor of German Mariana Ivanova’s class, he spoke about his experience as a Holocaust survivor.
How a University and a Tribe Are Teaming Up to Revive a Lost Language
http://www.yesmagazine.org/peace-justice/how-a-university-and-a-tribe-began-mending-ties-and-revived-a-lost-language-20180509, May 9
Student Spotlight: Caroline Avolio
Junior Caroline Avolio's study of Theatre and Arts Management helped her land her dream internship.
Students, staff, and alumni unite at the 2018 Alumni + Friends Conference
Panels, speakers, lunch and networking!
Drug-Free Workplace
This policy establishes the University as a Drug- Free workplace. The illegal use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace or on University property or as part of any University activity is strictly prohibited. Employees may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace.