Partnering to advance preference based care among nursing home residents
Man-Cat-PELI-Channel5-Interview_10-25-17_300x236.jpgAre you a cat person or a dog person? Your preferences matter to this academic and community research project.
Updating Your Personal Information
Like marking your calendar to check your smoke alarm batteries, you should also mark it to review and update your personal information every year.
Dr. Dustin B. Wygant returns to Miami for colloquium on forensic psychology
Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training at Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Dustin B. Wygant, recently returned to campus for a colloquium
Jack Knoll wins Power and Energy Scholarship
jack-knoll.jpgHe is also passionate about service
Were Neanderthals Really as Incapable as We Portray Them to Be?
hardy-thumb.jpgWhen we see Neanderthals in popular news reports, they are almost always portrayed negatively. These images and stereotypes stick with us and influence our opinions.
Craig Williamson on climate change and pathogens in water ways
IB Times.com and Newsweek.com, Nov. 2 (subscription may be required) (other media sources include - Phys.org, Eurasia Review and News-Medical Net)
Recap of freedom summer projects earning a civil rights award
The Cincinnati Herald, Oct. 28 (No link)
Miami coders compete in ACM competition
2017CSEProgrammingContest.jpgTop Miami team finished 3rd in Cincinnati
In memoriam: Randy Arcuragi
Randy Lee Arcuragi, 55, of Camden, died unexpectedly Tuesday, Oct. 31, following an auto accident.