Statement of Essential Teaching Practices

Scope: Who is Covered by this Policy?

 Instructional Staff


Every instructor is responsible for creating an informative syllabus and organizing an effective, equitable, and inclusive learning environment by:

  1. Providing a written syllabus to students on the first day of the course, inluding but not limited to learning outcomes class attendance policy (aligned with "Class Attendance" policy in the Policy Library), content, examinations and/or assignments (including due dates), policy on return of student work, required course materials and technology, and method of grade calculation.
  2. Adhering to the syllabus and communicating clearly any necessary modifications to the students; 
  3. Maintaining and informing students of regularly scheduled office hours (see Office Hours for Instructional Staff policy in Policy Library);
  4. Ascribing to a standard of grading that follows the accepted practices within the discipline including providing and receiving feedback that is offered in a timely manner and is critical and respectful of others' views;
  5. Informing students of Miami's Academic Integrity policy and adhering to its principles; 
  6. Utilizing a Miami University supported learning management system to communicate course information;
  7. Treating students with courtesy and respect at all times. Courtesy and respect do not prohibit strong criticism directed at the student’s academic errors and scholarly responsibilities;
  8. Endeavoring to ensure that the classroom learning environment is free of discrimination and harassment based upon all forms of prejudice that negatively influence student learning, such as those based on age, ethnicity, gender, mental or physical impairment, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity and inclusive of all students;
  9. Following specific student accomodations received from Student Disability Services;
  10. Adhering to the “Statement on Professional Ethics” in the policy titled “Professional Ethics and Responsibilities”

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