Support for Research, Travel, and Teaching

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Graduate Students


Types of Support Available

Graduate students can apply to four types of graduate awards given to recognize significant student achievement; to support unusual expenses associated with their master or dissertation research; to fund travel to meetings, conferences, and workshops; and to fund projects that will help in the improvement of teaching.

The Graduate Students’ Achievement Fund 

A committee chaired by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School administers a fund used to recognize significant achievement in any research or creative activity that has been recognized by some external (to the home department) organization. Awards range from $100 to $300. Application forms and deadlines are available on the Graduate School’s website. Deadlines for Round I and Round II can be viewed in the Calendar of Events and Deadlines in the front of this handbook.

Thesis and Dissertation Research Support 

The Dean of the Graduate School will entertain requests for unusual expenses associated with a student’s research for the master’s thesis or the doctoral dissertation. There is no application form, but students must briefly describe their research project and explain why these expenses are necessary and offer a tentative budget. Students also must have the endorsement of their adviser and department chair. Awards will not exceed $300 for master’s students or $600 for doctoral students, and will often be less, depending on the demand. Requests for this special funding must be made by November 1st and/or April 1st of each academic year.

Graduate Student Association (G.S.A.) Travel Assistance Fund 

The G.S.A. Travel Assistance Fund is designed to reimburse graduate students for travel to meetings, conventions, conferences, and workshops sponsored by professional organizations. The fund is administered by G.S.A. The Graduate School and G.S.A. use the same travel fund application, but questions about the fund or the process should be directed to the G.S.A. officers. Student should submit their request for travel reimbursement after they have received notification that their abstract has been accepted by the conference. The application for the G.S.A. and the Graduate School Travel Funds is available on the Graduate School website. The G.S.A. will accept two funding requests per year per student.

Graduate School Travel Fund

The Graduate School Travel Fund provides financial support to students who are presenting a paper, poster, or panel at an academic conference. To qualify for funds, students must show proof that their paper, poster, or panel has been accepted for presentation and they must receive funding from their home department. Students who apply for Graduate School Travel Funds are automatically considered for Graduate Student Association travel funds as well. To apply for Graduate School Travel funds, students should complete the Graduate Travel Fund Application. Students should submit their request for travel reimbursement after they have received notification that their abstract has been accepted by the conference. The application for the G.S.A. and the Graduate School Travel funds is available on the Graduate School website. The GSA will accept two funding requests per year per student, and the Graduate School will accept one application per year from each student.

Grants for Graduate Award Holders to Improve Teaching 

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) awards grants of up to $300 to individuals, faculty supervisors, coordinators of departmental teaching seminars, and departments to develop individual teaching skills and to supplement departmental support for TA seminars on teaching. These grants help graduate student teachers to fund modest projects designed to increase their teaching effectiveness and their students’ learning. For more information and an application form, visit CTE’s webpage.


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