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Historically, Miami has been a residential university, and its residential character is a major and distinctive feature. The residence life staff provide special programs and services that promote student development and learning. First-year programs promote adjustment to campus life and support academic achievement. Upperclass programs foster personal growth, learning, socialization, and self-responsibility. Because the residential experience contributes significantly to the educational mission of the University, Miami houses upperclass students to the extent permitted by space and facility limitations.

The residence halls and Heritage Commons Apartments are operated and maintained as student accommodations under policies and charges established by the University Board of Trustees. The University may exercise its parietal privilege of requiring any undergraduate student to live in University residences. The organization and administration of residence life is the responsibility of the Office of Residence Life. All students residing on campus are subject to the authority of the Director of Residence Life and the staff of the Director. Resident Directors, Assistant Resident Directors, and Resident Assistants are members of the staff of the Director of Residence Life. Please refer to Regulations for On-Campus Living for specific information about residence halls and Heritage Commons Apartment regulations.


Each residence hall and the Heritage Commons Apartments are supervised by a Resident Director, assisted by a group of resident assistants. Each residence hall, as well as the Heritage Commons Apartments, also elect officers to organize and coordinate social, educational, and recreational programs.

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