Chloe Olberding

Chole Olberding

Projected Graduation Date: May 2021

Major: Nursing

Attending college was a very big step for not only myself, but for my family. In 2021, I will be the first person in my family with a 4-year degree. I had to overcome a lot of scrutiny as to why I chose college instead of going right into the workforce. The truth is, I believe that dreams are obtainable through faith in oneself accompanied by hard work. I didn't want to settle into a job that resulted in a dead end. With nursing your possibilities are endless, and your career takes off the minute you pass the state boards.

I chose to disregard the negative comments from my family and believe in who I am. I chose to live my life how I wanted and to pursue the career of my dreams. I chose to put the money on hold for four years, work part time and throw myself head first into Nursing school. It hasn't been easy, but anything that is worth it never comes easy. I chose to be everything that I am and everything I will be and you can too.

I worked hard and made it into the nursing program with flying colors. Miami's nursing program is extremely competitive and getting that acceptance letter only confirmed to me that I was capable. I did so well my first year, I now tutor those who are pre-nursing majors who have not yet been accepted into the program. Helping them has been so fulfilling. I think of it as giving back and challenging them to just have some faith in themselves and to work hard.