Lan Dao

Lan Dao

Major: Chemistry

Projected Graduation Date: May 2018

When Lan first arrived here from Vietnam as a transfer student, she had already completed a Chemistry degree and was working as a veterinarian. Because many international credits do not transfer, she basically had to “begin again” to reach her academic goal of a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. Her skills in speaking, listening, and writing in English were low. She struggled with the placement test, scoring lower than college level.

 Lan struggled and persevered through fluency issues and cultural assimilation, accomplishing through sheer grit and resolve a transition from what we call “pre-college ready” to obtaining the skills necessary to succeed. She fell in love with America and our educational system and worked hard to assimilate and become a valuable part of this country. Indeed, today, stories like hers are not often shared. It is timely.

She has received the Barbara Frazey Kenney Peabody Scholarship, the Malcolm Hill Peabody Scholarship, the Peabody Scholarship, the John L. Burgoon Scholarship, and the Marion Hawk Peabody Scholarship. She also accepted the Undergraduate Summer Scholar (USS) award in 2017, as well earning her spot on the Dean’s List (2015-2017).

Lan has served as a tutor in the Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC), tutoring in Math, Physics, and Chemistry because she wanted to help her fellow students. She has, in fact, been awarded the Hamilton Campus Community Award (2016-2017), the Employer Student Service Leadership Award in 2016 and the Senior Student Leadership Award in 2017.  She volunteers as a Vietnamese teaching assistant in the Vietnamese community in Cincinnati through Our Lady of La Van Catholic Church.