Leigh Ann Brock

Leigh Ann Brock was a recently divorced mother of 4 daughters when she began courses at Miami Hamilton.

Here is Leigh Ann Brock in her own words:

My biggest fear going back to school was my age and fitting in with all of the young folks and of course my lack of confidence and inadequacy with computers and technology. This really intimidated me. Looking back, my experience was very rewarding. There were a few other non-traditional students in some of my classes and most of my professors were very helpful (especially Dr. Brenda Smith. There is no way I would have passed Algebra with another professor. She is a wonderful instructor). By the time I was taking classes at Oxford I knew I was finally towards the end!! I really loved the accessibility on the Hamilton Campus but I also loved the Oxford Campus!!

I graduated from Miami in 2010 with a Bachelors in Family Studies. I did my internship with Sojourner Recovery Services and eventually started working there full time as a Clinical Assistant in residential treatment. I decided, after two years of doing that, That I wanted to go back to graduate school and pursue my degree in Counseling. I continued working on a part-time basis with Sojourner while continuing my graduate studies at CCU (Cincinnati Christian University). I also did my second internship with Sojourner and was offered a Primary Clinician position with Transitional Living Center after I graduated.

I received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling in December of 2017 and am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor. What a long journey. It took me 12 years to complete my undergraduate degree, then an additional 4 years in graduate school!!!!! I am also a Contract Therapist with A Sound Mind Counseling, a private practice, but am still waiting to hear about my status with insurance panels. I was told this is a very long process and indeed it is.

I am currently a Home Based Therapist with Butler Behavioral Health Services in their Wings program. I visit families in their home and provide therapy and support for the parents who are struggling and lack effective parenting skills to handle all of the challenges and behavioral issues with their children who are struggling in school. I work closely with and collaborate with a skill builder who works primarily with the child to provide coping skills and strategies to help them handle some of their barriers and problematic behaviors. It is very rewarding and I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with families- a strong passion of mine. I gained valuable experience and skills at Sojourner that have been helpful in my current position.