About 4,460 square feet of The Conservatory is under glass. Within the building, 4,200 square feet is used for botanical displays and meeting space. The remaining 2,800 square feet is used for instruction, research, and service purposes. A plaza, gardens and outdoor art by a local artist enhances the entrance to The Conservatory. Construction for The Conservatory began with a groundbreaking ceremony on September 1, 2004. A subsequent topping-off ceremony took place on April 22, 2005.


The mission of The Conservatory is to support the instructional and research programs of Miami University, to maintain a scientifically verified collection of plants, to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of plants through public education and interpretive programs, and to promote the conservation of natural resources.


For the betterment of the academic programs of Miami University and the schools and citizens of the region, The Conservatory of Miami University Hamilton will have the largest fully documented collection of exotic plants in Butler County by the year 2010.

Plant Collections and Outdoor Areas

The Conservatory itself has four "collection display rooms" for the public along with the plants you will see all over the campus grounds. The fifth space is the Research and Teaching room.

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