Proposal Approval

Although proposals for sponsored projects are developed by faculty and staff members, in most cases any resulting grant and contract awards are made to the institution.  Therefore, it is necessary for Miami faculty and staff to obtain commitment from Miami University prior to submitting a proposal for any sponsored project.  Approval ensures the appropriate physical and human resources are available to execute the sponsored project successfully, and that the proposed work can be carried out safely and in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Approval is required for all grant and contract proposals submitted to external funding sources, including federal, state, or local government agencies and publicly or privately held businesses and foundations.  Fellowship applications that commit Miami financial or administrative resources also require approval, and any related arrangements for leave during the academic year must be approved in advance by the chair, the divisional dean, and the provost's office.

The process of obtaining proposal approval should be initiated well in advance of program deadlines.  Proposal approval, including a budget pre-review by Research & Sponsored Programs (RSP) staff, must take place before documents are submitted to the funding agency.  Under normal conditions after budget pre-review, the proposal approval process takes a minimum of two working days after the appropriate documents are submitted to RSP.

To obtain approval of a proposal, the principal investigator (PI) or project director (PD) should:

  1. Meet with RSP staff for a budget pre-review.
  2. Create a new record in Cayuse.
  3. Complete the proposal record in Cayuse.
  4. Submit the proposal for routing in Cayuse.

If you are applying for supplemental funding, please complete the online decision tree questionnaire to determine whether you need to create a new Cayuse record.

Contact us: proposal approval

Anne Schauer
Director of Research & Sponsored Programs
102 Roudebush Hall