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The fall 2018 Late Night Miami calendar is now available! Join us for fun, free, entertaining events every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night of the semester.

Interested in funding or advertising for a late night event your organization is planning? Find information at Funding and Event Submission.

Myaamia students and Tribal leaders.

Miami Tribe Relations

Since 1972, Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma have shared a unique relationship, rooted in a common name, land, and commitment to education.

Learn more about the past, present, and future of this relationship.

Myaamia Heritage Class connecting to one another through a string activity

Tending the Fire

The University and the Tribe have a joint responsibility to continuously maintain their relationship and nurture its future growth—like tending a fire. Each activity, project, class, and visit are part of a much broader, continuously developing partnership.

Learn more about campus activities.

Myaamia Heritage Class having a discussion outside.


Today, the relationship between the Tribe and the University is captured in the Myaamia word “neepwaantiinki,” which means “we learn from each other.”

See some of the impressive graduation results that come from our commitment as partners in learning.

Good Neighbor Policy

Noise, Litter, Nuisance Party and Outdoor Furniture citations off-campus are handled through a three step intervention process on campus. Visit our Good Neighbor Policy page for a full rundown on the protocol. 

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