Withdrawal and Re-Enrollment

Withdrawing from Miami is a formal procedure; merely ceasing to attend class(es) does not void a student's financial responsibility.

Official Withdrawal

If a student is leaving Miami during a current semester/term OR if a student is planning not to return for a future semester/term, that student must withdraw from the University. Instructions on how to complete an official withdraw are available on the One Stop withdrawal website.

Unofficial Withdrawal

If a student stops attending classes and does not notify the One Stop that they are withdrawing, the student will be considered under an unofficial withdrawal.

Withdraws with Disciplinary Actions Pending

Should an alleged/accused student be academically dismissed or withdraw from Miami University before disciplinary action (including a “1219”) has been resolved, the matter may proceed in the absence of the student and/or a disciplinary hold note may be placed on the student’s official transcript indicating “disciplinary action is pending.”


Conduct holds will prevent re-enrollment. Please make sure that all sanctions and/or other required adjudications are handled prior to starting the re-enrollment application, application for re-enrollment. Find more information about Re-Enrollment on the One Stop website