Hearings and Appeals

If an Investigation determines that reasonable cause exists to believe a Title IX violation occurred, a disciplinary hearing will be scheduled.


Disciplinary hearings for Title IX and other sexual misconduct cases will be held before a trained Community Standards Board of three Miami University faculty and staff members. The hearings are designed to provide a prompt, fair and impartial resolution.

A Community Standards Board requires that the respondent and the complainant shall be present for the hearing. The respondent and complainant may request that any witness to the facts of the case be present. These witnesses should be present in person/by video or, with prior approval of Community Standards, available via telephone.


Both the respondent and complainant have the right to appeal on the basis of alleged procedural error, new information, bias, and/or inappropriate sanction using the appeal process in the Code of Student Conduct and Title IX and Other Sexual Misconduct Protocol. The appellate body for Title IX and other sexual misconduct is the Vice President for Student Life.