Love & Honor Story Project

The Love & Honor Story Project is designed to recognize and honor students enacting the values articulated in the Code of Love and Honor. Nominees selected for recognition will be featured in the story project and will receive an award for their contributions to our community. Enrolled Miami University students are eligible recipients for this award.

To nominate a student for this award, please fill out the following application. If you have any questions please email us at Selected students will be recognized and featured in monthly communications and channels, will be recognized at this year’s SEAL awards, and will receive a gift to honor their commitment to the community.

Nominating Criteria

Only current students may nominate a student for the Love & Honor Story Project. The Dean of Students’ Advisory Board will review all applicants to determine the monthly finalist. 

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Shelby FryeShelby Frye - February, 2020

Major: Political Science; Sociology; Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Anticipated graduation year: 2020

Hometown: Hebron Kentucky

Student organizations: Associated Student Government; Tour Guide; Undergraduate Associate; Research Assistant; University Honors Program Ambassador; former SOUL (Student Orientation Undergraduate Leader); Communication Intern for the Office of Orientation & Transition Programs; GradU8 Mentor

How do you embody the Code of Love and Honor here at Miami University?

Through extensive community involvement, such as being in student government and winning awards such as the Provost Award, I believe that all the things I am currently doing (and will continue to do) will make the world a better place. I am always looking to learn new information, even if it is not relevant to my major.

What is your most fond memory of Miami University?

As a Student Coordinator for SOUL, I was able to support the SOUL leaders and was able to make a connection with the orientation leaders. By working with Orientation and Transition Programs, I was given the opportunity to get to know others on a deeper level beyond just their majors and hometowns. We were able to go out and create a positive and exciting experience for incoming students.

If you could pick one quote that embodies your leadership style, what would it be and why?

I tend to be drawn to the quote “Lukewarm is no good” by the British novelist Roald Dahl. To me, this means do things with intention and not because they look good at the moment. Remember that the passion and excitement you bring to things engages others to want to be involved in them.. If you’re excited, then they’ll be excited too!

What prompted you to make a change at Miami?

As soon as I came to Miami University I witnessed many positive changes already happening all over campus. My RA, my UNV 101 professor, and others invested in me during a time where we were all trying to figure out who we were and where we belonged. My first role at Miami University was being a SOUL. In this position, I felt that I was able to contribute to the cause and I feel I’m still doing that. I am always trying to make Miami a home for others and let them know that they not just fit in, but also belong.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you, and how do you make sure to promote these characteristics in all of your actions?

To me, diversity and inclusion means making sure everyone has a seat at the table and that their voices are heard. It means actively listening, and exploring and offering opportunities for all. Recognizing our own journeys and privileges is important, but we also need to recognize the space that each of us takes up in a room. Finally, valuing peoples’ opinions is really important and being open to peoples’ experiences that might not be your own. Maybe that’s not your experience but it’s your responsibility to listen.

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

I’m most proud of the fact that I’m proud of who I am. I was hesitant about finding my own voice, but I found it! Overall, I think my biggest accomplishment is learning to love and embrace my true and authentic self.

Knowing what you know now, what do you wish you knew when you started at Miami?

You don’t have to change yourself to fit in. Also, I wished I had realized earlier that it’s okay to say “no” when an opportunity comes my way, even if it may look good in my portfolio. Your worth isn’t measured by the various accomplishments you may put on your resume. I do things because I love doing them!

How do you use the Code of Love and Honor outside of Miami?

I think Love and Honor should be something that we always remember in our everyday lives. Kindness and respect for others should be practiced throughout the world. It goes back to the idea of getting to know someone and making them feel comfortable with you before you ever do anything with them.