Notetaking accommodations are available to ensure equal access to in-class information. Our office works closely with students to help determine the best notetaking solution. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

Audio Recording Course Lectures

Audio recording enables students to record course lectures, in addition to taking their own notes. Many students use a handheld digital recorder or a voice recorder mobile app on their personal device. Students use the recorded audio to review lecture content and can also use this information when working in study groups or tutoring sessions.

Notetaking with Laptop Computer

Students can use their laptop to take notes instead of handwriting. This can be useful for students who have needs related to dexterity, motor skills, learning or attention capabilities.

Livescribe Notetaking Pen

The Livescribe Smartpen enable students to record everything said and written, while linking the audio recording to the written notes. Students can replay audio from their Livescribe paper, a computer, or a mobile device with a simple tap on their handwritten notes. SDS loans Smartpens to eligible students as an accommodation. Please contact our office to learn more.

Notetaking Applications

There are a variety of notetaking applications designed to improve the accuracy and organization of notes. Students use a variety of notetaking application solutions such as Notability, OneNote, or Evernote.

Peer Notetaking Services

This accommodation utilizes volunteer peer notetakers. The notetakers are enrolled in the same course as affiliated SDS students and shares copies of class notes. This accommodation can be discussed with SDS upon request.