One of a student organization’s main obligations is to use their monies and funding in a responsible manner. To be eligible for university services and Associated Student Government (ASG) funding, student organizations must have an university financial account. Student organization cannot have accounts (checking, savings, etc.) at financial institutions outside the university. Financial information can be viewed in the Hub's module and can be accessed by the president, treasurer, and advisor. All new treasurers must complete the Canvas Treasurer Training to access Buyway.  

Any questions regarding financial accounts should be directed to the Accounting Department - Go to General Accounting for the Journal Entry Form and Instructions for transfers.     

University, Student Designated and University Designated Accounts

The general financial index code assigned to student organizations is C-9xxx. Groups receiving funding from ASG will also have a Student Designated index code (SD-9xxx) to use for items, materials/supplies, and campus services funded by ASG. The index code can be used for campus services/purchase and the index will be charged accordingly; however, groups using ASG funding, must follow the ASG funding guidelines.

Some student organizations receive funds from additional university sources, and these index have a UD designation (UD-9xxx).

Financial Services for On-Campus Events

  • Armstrong Student Center: Miami Catering 
  • A-Frames/PFD Sign Shop: 173 Cole Service Building
  • Marcum Conference Center: Conference Rooms and Miami Catering
  • Mail Services - located at Wells Hall: bulk mailing, stamps, and other mailing supplies
  • Shriver Center: Conference Rooms, Miami Catering, and Bookstore Charges


PNC Bank, located in the Shriver Center, is designated student organizations' cash or check deposits. Each student organization has a deposit slip booklet for deposits. Be sure to read the Deposits page for additional deposit steps and information.

Any monetary/gift money received by a student organization must be deposited at the University’s Advancement Office. This enables the donor to receive the tax write-off documentation from the university. The University's Advancement Office is located at 926 Chestnut Lane.

Processing Expenditures

Treasurers for student organizations must submit expenditure requests (purchase requests/purchase orders/reimbursements/credit card requests) through Miami University’s BuyWay financial system. To have access to Buyway, each year student organizations must complete the annual registration through the Hub and have a financial account set up with Miami University. All new treasurers and advisors will also need to complete BuyWay training. Once a Buyway request is submitted by the treasurer, the advisor will receive an e-mail from BuyWay requesting the advisor to review and approve the Buyway request. Once approved, the treasurer will receive an e-mail confirmation. Find more information on the Buyway page.