Vendor Contracts

ALL vendor and speaker contracts must MUST BE REVIEWED by a Student Activities staff member prior to being signed by a member of the student organization.This review process was established to protect the club, its officers, its advisors, and Miami University.

Also, since a registered student organization will sign a contract on the group's behalf, Miami University will not be bound to the contract. Be sure to email Drew Davis or JS Bragg - as soon as possible - for contract reviews and any questions. NOTE: please remember to submit the event in Hub. ALL contracts must include the following clauses: 

  • Miami University is not a party to this agreement.
  • Miami University is not responsible for the performance of the terms of this agreement and is not liable for breaches of this agreement.
__________ Initial of student organization representative
__________ Initial of contracting party


The staff member reviewing the contract will advise you of what additional signatures may need such as:
  • Building Point of Contract/Physical Facilities (if necessary).
  • If space reserved through registrar’s office, a print-out of reservation confirmation should be attached.
  • Miami University Police Department (if necessary)
  • Division of Student Life (Warfield Hall)
  • David Creamer in Finance & Business Services (if performer/speaker/etc.)

After all signatures are present on the routing form, the student organization is responsible for contacting the artist/company to finalize the contract and initiate payment for the services.

The Office of Student Activities has a blank contract that may be edited and used if the speaker/vendor/performer is not providing a contract: sample vendor contract for student organizations.  

NOTE: The student organization university account must have sufficient funds to cover the request. If the present fund balance does not cover the cost of the contract, an explanation of anticipated funding sources must be included. Also, the location for the event/performance must be reserved before the contract is processed and an event request must be submitted in the Hub.

Special Notes in Regards to Paying for Services

There are some special rules for paying Miami students, faculty and staff for services.

Most of the time, Miami staff and faculty may not receive any payments from student organizations. Any services they provide are on a volunteer basis. If an employee has their own business, the student organization can have a contract with the business. The business must have a tax ID number.

A student organization contract may not directly or indirectly provide a monetary or other personal benefit to any member of the student organization, his or her immediate family member, employer or business associate. An "immediate family member" includes the following relatives, regardless of where they reside: (1) spouse or domestic partner; (2) children [whether dependent or not]; (3) siblings; (4) parents; and (5) grandparents. “Business Associate” includes a partner, a shareholder of a non-publicly traded company in which the student owns one or more shares, a voluntary association or joint venture in which the student is a member or similar business arrangement.

Departmentally affiliated student organizations must process contracts through the university contract process.