Graphic Elements

These graphic elements are used throughout Miami's branding process and are consistent through print and web publications.

Custom Badges

Badges are a key part of our Miami identity. They may be used alone or together in print or digital to create a graphic impact. They may be enlarged and/or screened back to create interesting backgrounds. They should however, always be used tastefully, somewhat sparingly, they should never overlap each other on a page, and they should never be printed or applied to clothing or retail products without permission.

Seven sample custom badges used throughout Miami's branding.

Public Ivy badge. Come play with us badge. Oxford Ohio #1 Best College Town ranked by Forbes badge.


Public Ivy badge icon. Arrow pointing right badge icon. Ivy leaf badge icon.

Line and Border Treatments

To separate Miami from the crowd, our brand relies on graphic elements made from slim key lines, dots, and occasionally illustrations. So while our brand art is generally built on a grid and orderly, communicators charged with interpreting our brand do have a level of freedom to explore interesting graphic options.

Dotted Line around solid line

This graphic is an example of a text box for a quote -- a box with a dotted outer border and a solid inner border with an arrow in the bottom left corner pointing down.

Thick/Full red border

Page using a student quote box with line treatments to create more interesting borders around the both the content and the page itself. This online graphic provides an example of social media boxes used to show a tweet rendered on a page -- a box with a dotted outer border and a solid inner border with a Twitter bird icon in the top center of the border.

Incorrect usage of line and border treatments on a print advertisement. Borders should be used sparingly to enhance the subject matter and not distract.Incorrect usage of line and border treatments on a graphic. When using illustrations and/or vertical text as a border, the main content should be limited with plenty of space around it in order to create a more visually appealing graphic.

Text as a Graphic Element

Like colors and imagery, typography plays an important role in the visual aspects of the university’s identity. 

Dark text as background

An accepted student holding up her acceptance letter. The text uses typography with graphic bolding and border treatments. This graphic provides an example of large, dark red text being used as a background graphic one of Miami's homepage slides.

Text with line treatments

Four examples of incorrect usage of text as a graphic elements.