Print Publications

The following requirements are necessary for a publication or item intended to promote Miami University to its publics and for use of the M logo. Please contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions.

Logos and Wordmarks

Miami University should be prominently identified on the front cover or panel of each publication with an official Miami mark as identified in this guide. As a general rule of thumb, the wordmark portion of the logo should be no smaller than 2" wide on a standard 4" x 9" brochure, and proportionally larger for bigger publications. The primary beveled-M logo can appear in combination with a department or unit name, or separately from it, depending on what best suits the design of the piece.

There should always be space equal to at least half the height of the M surrounding the logo in publications, and the center of the M should only ever appear white or red.


The university seal should only be used by the president's office for ceremonial or official documents, and on certain items of distinction. It should be used only in approved versions as demonstrated in this guide, and should not be used in marketing or promotional material. UCM can help you determine if an item is appropriate for use of the seal.

Date of Publication

A current year should be on the front cover of a publication containing content pertinent only to that year, or a publication that will be updated in subsequent versions. Otherwise, the production date should appear on the back cover to easily determine if information is current.

To promote a consistent visual identity, Miami University logos can vary in size, but cannot otherwise be altered, modified, or overprinted. Some examples of incorrect usage are provided in this manual. Independently created logos conflict and compete with institutional identity and should not be used, except for rare situations where partnerships or contracts require additional marks, in which case University Communications and Marketing will design and provide.

Back Cover/Panel

The back panel or cover of a publication should contain an appropriate Miami University logo combined with the department name, the equal opportunity statement (Miami University is an equal opportunity educational institution and employer), a university website address/URL, the date the publication was produced, and by whom. This information ensures the "stamp" of the university is utilized, conveying that it is an official university publication, and enables it to be archived and tracked as needed for future updates and use.


Please submit designs in advance to for approval. We will also be happy to assist in helping you review for grammatical or typographical errors. Assuming appropriate guidelines are followed, and depending on size of project, approval is generally delivered in 48 hours.

NOTE: These minimum standards apply for externally-oriented campus publications and materials. We encourage anyone marketing to external groups to also follow the brand guidelines in this manual, which are more broad and are intended to help us create not just a unified identity, but to convey unified messages appearing throughout a publication.

Electronic and printed communications are constantly evolving, so special circumstances or new types of concepts may lead to rare exceptions for logo use. Examples include a sponsorship or contractual partner with a separate logo requirement, a "reveal" creative concept or advertisement, items intended only for internal audiences such as special event flyers, very small designs for a lapel pin or patch, hardcover book designs, or formal invitations. When questions arise, please contact UCM at 513-529-7596. Often, we can work with you to help you achieve your needs while still following design protocol.

UCM reserves the right to disallow publications or other items that might meet the standards minimally, but do not reflect the institution in a professional manner or are inconsistent with branding tenets. In such cases, we will work with units to assist in re-design. We encourage you to show us your designs as they progress so that last minute delays do not occur.

Miami In-Text Reference

In textual content, the full name Miami University should be used on first reference, with Miami being the preferred additional reference.