Standard/Internal License

Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) assists Miami University in processing all standard and internal license applications.  Allow between 1-2 months to complete the entire application process. Below are the steps of the Standard/Internal License Application Process:

  • Complete the Application for License: The application can be found on LLP's website. Submit this application for license along with the application fee, marketing plan, licensee approval form, and a representative generic sample of the product(s) you wish to become licensed to produce to LLP.  Note: Do not include the University’s trademarks on the sample(s).  Once submitted, LLP will send all materials to the University for review.  If approved by the University, the process will move to the licensing phase.
  • Licensing Phase: A licensing agreement will be sent the applicant for review.  Complete the agreement and return it, an advance royalty payment, and a certificate of adequate insurance to LLP.  All licenses expire on June 30 of each year.
  • Artwork and Administration Phase: The executed licensing agreement will be returned to the new licensee along with the University’s Style Guide, Collegiate Licensed Product hologram label information, and royalty reporting forms.
  • Artwork Approval: All artwork must be submitted and approved through Trademarx Online, LLP’s contract management system, prior to production.  Once approved, the licensee may begin production.
  • Product Approval: A licensee is only approved to produce the products listed in the Schedule D of the agreement.  If a licensee wishes to produce other products, they must submit a Product Specifications and Disclosure Information Form along with a representative generic sample of the product.  If approved, the licensee should then submit artwork for the product through Trademarx Online for review and approval.  Once the artwork is approved, the licensee may begin production.
  • Manufacturer Approval: A licensee is only approved to use manufacturers disclosed in the Schedule C of the agreement. If a licensee wishes to use other manufacturers to produce its products, a new Schedule C must be submitted to LLP for review and approval.  Once approved, the licensee may begin to use the manufacturer.