Tips for Writing News

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.
  • Add the byline (optional) at the top of the article, not the bottom. This way readers can see who wrote the article even if they don't read the entire story.

    Screenshot of a byline at the top of an article, showing who wrote the article.
  • Articles can be shared on social media, just click one of the share icons at the top of the content.

    Screenshot of the Social Media share icons located at the top of an article.
  • Next to the page title on the News Listing pages, there is an RSS icon. When you click on this icon, you can get the URL for the RSS feed for this page. The RSS URL can then be pulled into an RSS Widget that can then be placed on your home page or other pages within Miami's website.

    Screenshot showing where the RSS feed icon is located, next to the News and Events header
  • You can add a thumbnail image to your articles that will show up on the News Listing Page, Facebook, and Twitter. The maximum height and width for this image is 125px. If your image isn't showing up when you share it you may need to make the image smaller.
  • Add captions to your images to add more context for your viewers.

    Screenshot example showing a caption below an image