Editing a Department Homepage

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

Your department homepage will be created by the web team before you begin training. These instructions will assist you in editing the page as needed.

Upload Images

All images used in your page must be sized appropriately before uploading them to your images folder: _files/images/YOUR FOLDER.

Create and Publish Widgets

Widgets are created separately and stored in your widget folder: _files/widgets/WIDGET TYPE/YOUR FOLDER.

Edit Page

Click to highlight and open the (index) page, click the "Edit" tab, and then edit the fields in the appropriate sections.

Inline Metadata

Display name: (This field displays in the breadcrumbs.)
Title: (This field displays as the page title.)
HTML Title: (This field is used in search engine optimization. For best practices, review HTML Title Tag Optimization.)

Department - Landing

Headers and Footers will be created and edited by the staff on the web team. All headers and footers are stored in the _includes folder.

  • Site Header: Click [Search] to attach your department header.
  • Site Footer 1: The Primary Footer can be designed by the department. You can add widgets to your footer. If you do not want to add any widgets, then choose the "blank" primary footer. Click [Search] to link to the Primary Footer you want to add.
  • Site Footer 2: The Secondary Footer is the contact information for your department. Click [Search] to link to your Secondary Footer.
  • Site Footer 3: The Tertiary Footer cannot be changed. Every page must use the same one with Miami University information. Click [Search] to link to the Tertiary Footer.
  • Style Override: Click [Search] to choose a different color stylesheet in the Miami brand.
Featured Slideshow
This slideshow will display at the top of your department homepage.  The images will automatically rotate through the slideshow.
  1. Click on Featured Slideshows >> Slideshow to expand the window.
  2. Click on Featured Slideshows >> Slideshow >> Slide to edit a single slide.
  3. Image Field
    Click [Search] to upload the image.
  4. Alternate Text Field
    Add short description of what is going on in the image. Be sure to include any text within the graphic.
  5. NEW! Link Field
    Click [Search] to browse to a page, file, or external link in Cascade. This will make your slide clickable without having to add a caption.
  6. Teaser Caption
    Add a teaser caption if wanted; Limit it to 3 lines of text.
  7. Click the green [+] button in the top left corner to add another slide image.
Calls to Action Buttons
Calls to Action buttons should only be used to link to pages where a user can take an action (for example, Apply, Visit Us, Join, Request Info)
  1. Click on Calls to Action Buttons>> Link-Individual to expand the window.
  2. Add the button name.
  3. Click [Search] to add the internal page link OR add the external link URL.
  4. Click the [+] button to add another widget to the row.

3 Column Layout
This layout uses thin-thin-wide for the body content.

  • 3 Column Layout >> Left Column Widgets
    The left column widgets will display two widgets side by side (with both being 25% of the total row width). If you only use one widget in the left column, then it will display at 50% of the total row width.
  • 3 Column Layout >> Right Column Widgets The right column widgets display on top of each other each at 50% of the total row width.

1–4 Column Layout
You can add up to 4 widgets in a row. They will be distributed evenly across the row as follows:

  • 1 widget = 100%
  • 2 widgets = 50% each
  • 3 widgets = 33 % each
  • 4 widgets = 25% each
  • Click the appropriate [+] button to add another widget to the existing row or to add another row.
Feature Box
The Feature Box (distinguished by its green header) appears in the upper-right of the body content.
  1. Feature Box Header: Type in the header name for your feature box.
  2. Feature Box Content: Type in the text. (You can use the WYSIWIG or the HTML view.)
Related Links
The Related Links box appears in the upper-left of the body content.
  1. Related Links Header: You can change this heading.
  2. Related Links >> Link-Individual
    • Select internal link
    • Link Text
    • Select external link URL (unless using internal link)
    • Link Target: if link is within CMS, then open in _parent; if link is outside CMS, then open in _blank

Submit Your Work

  1. Click Submit to save your work.
  2. Publish (or send the request to publish).