Creating a Rich Text Widget

Upload Images

You can use a image (but do not have to) in a rich text widget. The image used must first be sized appropriately and uploaded to the images folder: _files/images/YOUR FOLDER.

Widget Location

  1. Go to _widgets/YOUR FOLDER/rich-text.
  2. Click New/widget/Rich Text.
  3. If you don't see a folder with that name you can create one. Highlight _widgets/Your Folder, then go to New/Default/Folder in the blue Task Bar. Give the new folder a system name of rich-text and click Submit to save it in the system.


  1. Change: System name (use lowercase-no space)
    Display name (This is not required.)
    Title (This is not required.)
  2. Add Header: This is the widget title that will be visible to your website visitors.
  3. Add Body Content: This can be images, links, closed-captioned YouTube videos, or formatted text.  This is the most flexible of the widgets.

When adding only an image or video to the rich text widget, the CMS will still expect text. You have to add a line of "hidden text" and apply the noShow class (found in the Styles drop down menu).

<p class="noShow>This is hidden text.</p>

This text will not show up in your published widget.

Finish Up

  1. Click on Submit to save your work.
  2. Publish (or send the request to publish). Widgets must be published separately from your page.
  3. Your widget is now ready to add to your web page.