Creating an RSS Feed Widget

Get Started

  1. Go to _widgets/rss-feed/YOUR FOLDER.
  2. Click New/widget/RSS Feed from the blue task bar.


  1. Change: System name (use lower case-no space)
    Display name (This is not visible to visitors.)
    Title (This is not visible to visitors.)
  2. Give your widget a title in the Widget Header field. This is displayed to your visitors.
  3. Add the RSS feed URL that you copy from another site.
  4. Feed Type: Choose Standard, this is the default selection.
  5. Number to Show: How many feed items will display in your widget. (3-7 recommended)
  6. Footer Link: The URL to more news or more events or to your blog
  7. Footer Link Text: The label of your link.
    Examples: Read More, Learn More, View Full Calendar

Finish Up

  1. Click on Submit to save your work.
  2. Publish (or send the request to publish). Widgets must be published separately from your page.
  3. Your widget is now ready to add to your web page.