Creating a Social Media Widget

Get Started

  1. Go to _widgets/social-media/YOUR FOLDER.
  2. Click New/widget/Social Media.


  1. Change: System name (use lower case-no space)
    Display name (This is not required.)
    Title (This is not required.)
  2. Add the appropriate account IDs or RSS feeds to promote your social media sources: Facebook, blog, Instagram.  Twitter is using a Twidget--a different kind of widget. Flickr is added using different instructions that you can find under Advanced Tips. 
    **The last four boxes [Social Media >> Icon Links} are pre-populated to add Miami's official social media icons/links to your widget.  They can be removed if wanted.

Finish Up

  1. Click on Submit to save your work.
  2. Publish (or send the request to publish). Widgets must be published separately from your page.
  3. Your widget is now ready to add to your web page.