Creating a SPIF Item

SPIF Overview

SPIFs have two components: SPIF Items and SPIF Banks.

SPIF Items are the individual slides or pieces of information you see in the SPIF; you switch between items by clicking on the left or right arrows at the top right corner of the SPIF.

SPIF Banks are the "framework" that contain the Items. These Items can be explicitly called SPIF Items; or you can also use different Widgets as Items. Procedurally, you need to create the Items/widgets first, then you can create a Bank to contain those Items.

Peruse the navigation on the left to read instructions on how to create widgets and SPIF Banks.

Upload Images

All images used in your SPIF item must first be sized appropriately and uploaded to the images folder: _files/images/YOUR FOLDER.

Get Started

  1. Go to _widgets/YOUR FOLDER/spif/items.
  2. Click New/widget/SPIF Item.


  1. Change: System name (use lower case-no space)
    Display name (This field is not visible to site visitors and is not required.)
    Title (This field is not visible to site visitors and is not required.)
  2. Add Headline. This will be the visible heading of your widget.
  3. Teaser: This should be approximately 40 words for the best presentation.
  4. Image: Click on Search to browse to image.
  5. Link: Click on Search to browse to link to main story page.

When adding only an image or video to the SPIF item (without teaser text), the CMS will still expect text. You have to add a line of "hidden text" and apply the noShow class (found in the Styles drop down menu).

<p class="noShow>This is hidden text.</p>

This text will not show up in your published widget.

Finish Up

  1. Click on Submit to save your work.
  2. You cannot publish a SPIF item. You only publish the SPIF bank after it is created.
  3. Your SPIF item is now ready to be added to a SPIF bank. SPIF items cannot be added directly to a page. They will not display correctly.