Creating a Twidget (Twitter Widget)

Create Widget ID In Twitter

  1. Open browser.
  2. Login to Twitter account (
  3. Go to ""
  4. Click the "Create New" button (currently at the top right), and then "Search" in the drop-down list.
  5. Under Configuration in the "Search Query" box, type "yourTwitterAccountName."
    • Example: from:MiamiOHRegionals
  6. Click Create Widget (button currently at the bottom left).
  7. Get the following from the provided embed code.
    • Value of href
    • Value of data-widget-id

Build Twidget in Cascade

  1. Go to _widgets/twidget/YOUR FOLDER.
  2. Click New/widget/twidget.


  1. User Name: Input the widget ID provided in Twitter.
  2. Link URL: Use the href provided in Twitter.
  3. Data Widget ID: Use the Data Widget ID provided in Twitter.

screenshot of the creating a twitter widget dialog box, with text entry fields for twitter user name, URL, ID, and tweet limit.

Finish Up

  1. Click on Submit to save your work.
  2. Publish (or send the request to publish). Widgets must be published separately from your page.
  3. Your widget is now ready to add to your web page.