Cascade's Interface: Editing Menu

Page editing tabs including view, edit, move, rename, copy, publish, and more

  • View Tab – Contains the Preview link to review changes prior to publishing.
  • Edit Tab – Enables the editor to edit the content of the page.
  • Move/Rename Tab – Change the system name of the asset or move the asset to a different folder. You MUST unpublish the asset prior to moving or renaming it.
  • Copy Tab – Ability to copy a folder or a page.
  • Publish Tab – Ability to publish page to the test site and/or the live site. Only accessible if you have publishing access.
  • More Tab – Includes the Delete menu, Access menu, and Versions menu.
    • Delete – Allows you to delete that asset from the site. You MUST unpublish the asset prior to deletion.
    • Access – Permissions allocated to that asset--not used at this time.
    • Versions – Previously submitted versions of the asset.