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Cascade Interface

Upon logging in, the Home Dashboard tab will be visible.

screenshot of cascade server dashboard

Note: Some functionality may be hidden based on your permission level.

The dashboard consists of 7 tabs (if you have full admin access):

  • Dashboard - offers quick access for creating content, outstanding items, and recently viewed assets.
  • Messages - used to display system messages as well as messages from other editors to the editor.
  • Workflows - displays all the editor's active workflows.
  • Locked Assets - displays a list of all the assets checked out by the current editor.
  • Drafts - displays a list of all the drafts currently in process by the editor.
  • Stale Content - displays a list of any pages that have not been updated within a specified time frame.
  • Recycle Bin - displays a list of all of the assets recently deleted.  These can be restored by the editor.

The dashboard is customizable so that you can add or remove widgets to only view those that you use.

  • You can rearrange the widgets by clicking and dragging them to a new location on the interface window.
  • You can add a widget by clicking on the Add Widget button at the top of the window. Choose from the dropdown list.

To remove a widget, click on the settings gear icon and click Remove Widget.

screenshot of removing a widget