Cascade's Interface: Main Menu

The Main Navigation Menu for Cascade is the blue bar across the top of the page. The following menu items are available in the Main Menu (some functionality may be hidden based on your permission level):

Cascade main menu with tabs to view, edit, publish, move, rename, or delete the specified asset

  • Home – "Home" link will bring the editor back to the dashboard.
  • New – The "New" menu contains the assets available to add to the site.
  • History – The "History" link will display a list of your most recently viewed assets.
  • Tools – The "Tools" menu contains the system functionality to upload a Zip Archive (of images or documents).
  • Administration – The "Administration" link is only accessible to the Admin Role. This screen enables the Admin to edit users, configuration, content types, asset factories, data definitions, metadata, publish sets, target and destinations, transports, workflow definitions and view reports.

Note: The drop-down menu (See "Miami University" entry above) identifies the current site you are working within.
Make sure that the correct site is chosen for your area.