Rich Text Editing Tools

Content formatting tools
Insert special characters icon

Insert Special Characters – Inserts characters like copyright ©, trademark ™, etc. A dialog box with a host of selections will assist you.

Subscript icon

Subscript – This makes text a subscript.

Superscript icon

Superscript – This makes text a superscript.

bold icon

Bold – Bolds text. Click again to un-bold the text.

italic icon

Italic – Italicizes text. Click again to un-italicize the text.

underline icon

Underline – Underlines text. It is highly recommended that editors limit the use of this tool because underlining is universally associated with hyperlinks on a web page. Bold and/or italics are better ways to emphasize text on a web page.

strikethrough icon

Strikethrough – This tool puts a strike through text.

left align icon

Flush Left – Left-aligns text.

center align icon

Flush Center – Centers text.  Avoid using this alignment as it can make a page difficult to read.

right align icon

Flush Right – Right-aligns text. Avoid using this alignment as it can make a page difficult to read.

align justified icon

Flush Justify – Justifies text.

styles icon

Styles – Applies a specified style to the selected text. View content styles.

format icon, applies headings or paragraph styles

Format – Applies formatting to selected text. e.g Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.  View heading formats.

Cut icon

Cut – This will cut selected text out for pasting later.

copy icon

Copy – This will copy selected text out for pasting later.

paste icon

Paste – This will paste text that has either been cut or copied.

paste text icon

Paste as Plain Text – This will paste text that has either been cut or copied as plain text (in order to remove formatting).

bulleted list icon

Unordered List - This tool inserts a bulleted list.

numbered list icon

Ordered List - This tool inserts a numbered list.

indent text icon

Indent – Indents text.

outdent text icon

Outdent – Outdents text.

undo icon

Undo – Cancels the action you just performed.

redo icon

Redo – Basically this will undo an Undo.

Insert/edit link icon

Insert Link – This will insert a hyperlink to selected text.

remove link icon

Remove Link – Removes hyperlink from selected text.

insert/edit anchor

Insert or Edit Anchor – This will insert or edit an anchor that links to another place within the same page. 

insert/edit image icon

Insert or Edit Image – This will insert (or edit) an image to the place you have put your cursor within the content.

insert horizontal rule

Horizontal Rule – This creates a horizontal line to divide the text.

insert/edit table

Table – insert or edit a table. Please only use tables to display tabular data and not for page layout purposes.

remove formatting icon

Remove formatting – Deletes text formatting such as bold or italic.

WYSIWYG tools (what you see is what you get)
find and replace text icon

Find and Replace – This tool will find the specified text, then if desired, replace it with the text entered.

spellcheck icon

Spellcheck – Checks your spelling.

clean up messy code icon

Clean up messy code – Removes unneeded coding syntax.

view source code icon

HTML – Edit the HTML source code. To learn HTML, or to get a refresher, visit

toggle guidelines and invisible elements

Toggle guidlelines/invisible elements – A realistic view of your page while creating it.

toggle full screen mode icon

Toggle fullscreen mode – Change to fullscreen view.

Spacing in Cascade Server

The [Enter] key in the Text Editor will create a new paragraph or paragraph tag in HTML <p>.

The [Shift]+[Enter] key in the Text Editor will create a line break or break tag in the HTML <br />.