Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices

Division of Finance and Business

Foundational Goal 3: Cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships and applied and service-oriented projects that strengthen our local, state, national, and world communities.

Objective 1: Partner with educational and other public- and private-sector institutions to co-design academic and outreach programs that enhance access to and support of quality higher education.

Metric 24: Miami’s Oxford campus will double the number of transfer students to 500 students, and Miami regionals will increase by 15% the number of transfer students to 500 students.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.

Metric 25: Miami will double the number of partnerships with high schools, community-based organizations, foundations, and other entities to expand the recruitment of talented, diverse college-bound students, e.g., through expansion of the Oxford Pathway Program, articulation agreements, dual enrollment/PSEO, tutoring or mentoring programs, bridge and summer programs.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.

Objective 2: Increase life-long learning opportunities, engagement, and giving from alumni, parents, and friends.

Metric 26: Miami will provide educational opportunities and career support to at least 10% of our alumni and other external stakeholders, e.g., through programs similar to Winter College, Alumni Weekend activities, and webinars.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.

Metric 27: Increase the total dollar amount raised annually from alumni, parents, and friends by 10% per year.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.

Objective 3: Grow Miami's sponsored research, grants, intellectual property, internships, and co-curricular learning opportunities by helping corporate, governmental, and non-profit entities thrive through solutions-oriented partnerships.

Metric 28: Increase the total dollars of external funding (contracts and grants) to $30 million.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.

Metric 29: Increase by 25% the number of mutually beneficial educational, governmental, and corporate partnerships.

Currently, FBS holds a number of service events each year.  Our goal is to expand the annual number of events to 25.


  • Expand our public partnerships with IUC universities, local governments, school boards and other public entities in Ohio.
  • Provide public safety forensic services to the greater Cincinnati community.  (Presently, the MUPD has the most sophisticated electronic forensic capability in the region.)
  • Offer bomb search capabilities to other IUC schools and local governments throughout southwest Ohio.
  • Offer Lean programming knowledge to other public universities in Ohio and around the nation.
  • Offer RCM experience and expertise to other colleges and universities.
  • Expand transportation opportunities through grants and other partnerships with BCRTA and the surrounding community.
  • Work more closely with the City of Oxford on public safety goals and efficiencies.
  • Increase the number of administrative partnerships with the Talawanda School District.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Maintaining university services while offering to share expertise with others.

Objective 4: Advance Ohio's economic development and prosperity by providing talent and expertise that help shape policy and improves quality of life.

Metric 30: By 2020, 65% of the Miami University community will be engaged in providing expertise and advancing the success of public and private entities.

This metric is not applicable to FBS.